Monday, February 2, 2009

I don't miss high school...

For this first assignment I chose to do two different sporting events: high school hockey and college wrestling. The Mt. Pleasant Oilers had a game Wednesday night that I shot (luckily for me I somehow managed to scavenge up $5 in quarters to get in). I've shot hockey at the Ice Arena before and have found a few nice spots to shoot photos. There are a few rare pieces of glass that aren't scuffed up to shoot from and there's open area between the end of the glass and the players' bench on either side. My dilemmas: high school students and some crazy woman. The kids were lined up all along the glass on the hot spots, and some coach's wife (I'm assuming by her appearance and demeanor) hugged the open space between the glass and the home team bench where I wanted to shoot (and she knew I wanted to shoot). I ended up shooting from the visitor side as much as I could, though there was a student there in my way opening and closing the door for the players. Regardless, I took some photos when and where I could, though I have no interest in shooting high school hockey again! The CMU wrestling match went much smoother. I was on the opposite side of the announcers that CM Life was at and one of the university photographers as well. Overall this went well except when I got ref butt in my view :)

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